Fishing permits and regulations

Fishing permits for lake Åsunden are valid for the whole lake with the exception of Schedevi gård and Köleforsån and its outlet (see map).

Short Rates in 2014

Day Card 100: -
Weekly Card 500: -
Annual Pass family, children up to 18 years 700: -
Ice Fishing Short Day 50: -
Max catches, 2 pieces pike or walleye per card and per day.

trolling Short

Trolling season tickets related to boat 750: -
Trolling Day card linked to boat 250: -
And a valid fishing license per angler.
(Boat equipped with several rods / traction classed as trolling.
Simple boat with a maximum of one rod is not trolling.)

Minimum and maximum dimensions

Minimum size pikeperch 55cm
Maximum size pikeperch 80cm
Minimum size Pike 45cm

Rules for fishing

Fishing permit is valid for artisanal fishing in Åsunden.
Permitted fishing methods are hand tools.
Be observant of other gear and show consideration at piers
and beaches.
Fishing is not in roam.
The fishing license shall be carried on in fisheries and must be presented on demand from the fishing overseer or owners of fishing.
The card is not transferable.
The possession of a fishing license gives no right to use the private road
or else bridge.

Permits are for sale at

Frod AB Rimforsa

0494-201 75 ICA

Nära Kinda Motell, Rimforsa 0494-205 70

STF vandrarhem, Björkfors 0494-600 47

Ryda Jakt och Fiske

0494-640 30

Frendo AB (Statoil, Kisa) 0494-105 21

Motorservice, Kisa

0494-128 50

Kisa Cykel & Sport

0494-712 11

ICA Nära Vahlströms, Horn 0494-300 08

Hycklinge Bensin & Service 0494-311 06