Fishing tips


Åsunden is a great lake for fishing. The main catch is pike and perch. The lake also has a population of pike-perch.

Trolling is allowed with a maximum of two rods per person if you buy the all inclusive Åsunden Fishing Permit.


The deep free waters of the middle and eastern parts of the lake are suitable for trolling for pike and pike-perch. Pike fishing is excellent, especially during the summer months. You fish from the surface to a depth of 6 meters. During Autumn it is a good idea to try a little deeper with deep-sea lead or lead on the line.


Spinning takes place alongside reeds or above shallows, mainly for perch and pike Suitable bait is wobbler, jig or spoons. Good angling for bream, roach and perch along the shores. Suitable bait is worms, maggots or corn.


Ice fishing for perch is good in all parts of Lake Åsunden. The fishing changes nature though. In the northern and middle part the small perch is dominant, mixed with really big ones weighing around 1 kg. In the southern part you can fish for smelt and perch, which is usually found at a depth of 10-25 meters, close to shallows.


When the lake freezes over, whish usually happens in the beginning of January, jig fishing for burbot becomes popular. Good spots are the Utdala inlet and the areas around Råsöbro.